Kasper Solutions for Procurement Management


Kasper Solutions for Procurement and Engineering Cloud offers its customers the industry’s most advanced solutions for planning, scheduling, procuring and delivering large-scale projects. Together, we will provide an end-to-end offering for procurement and delivery that enables customers to effectively plan, build, and operate. We digitally connect buyers, sellers and other teams, providing complete visibility and management of data, documents and costs across all stages of a procurement cycle. It allows everyone in the cycle to collaborate securely, efficiently and easily. Our employees are dedicated to helping our clients finish early and under budget. Together with our customers, we are transforming how teams work, increasing accountability and extending control so more gets done, faster.


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Requisition Management

A centralized system for requisitions designed to convert requisitions into purchase orders, eliminate the use of paper trails and no more scattered or unorganized documents.

Request Quotations

Get the most out of your supplier directory, manage vendors of all types at one place. Smart notifications will keep you updated so you never miss any update.

Quotation Analysis

With automated quotation analysis you can put suppliers in competition and know which information is relevant which is the most important for the success of a purchase.

Amend Contracts

Update contracts to modify the payment terms, quotations for suppliers to comply.

Spend Management

Create a spending plan and keep your finances on track with our live tracking. This will help you finish your project on time and under budget.

Take Approvals

User defined approval flow as per your organization. Notifications that help move things faster. Save time by weeks.

Release Purchase Orders

Easily create and track purchase orders. End users will have the ability to track a PO from when it is created to the creation of a GRN.

Warehouse/Inventory Management

Use variety of data to keep track of the material that arrives to the warehouse and issued to the site for installation.

Generate Reports

Easily customizable reports on Kasper so you can drill down to meaningful data faster than ever before.


“Kasper will help reduce manual efforts for a contractor; we have an electronic trail of everything from the minute a request is entered, to when it is approved, to how long it took to purchase. it will ease us to streamline our process of procurement, which is a major problem while executing large scale projects”

David Portugal - Director (Execution & Procurement), San Jose Constructions

Kasper offers an opportunity to build strong business relations with a wide range of organizations out there, the concept of bringing in contractors and suppliers on a single platform will significantly increase our sales in the near future

Mohamed Jahangir – Managing Director, Global Lighting Systems

From a developer’s point of view, the level of detail Kasper offers to provide a contractor as well as a supplier is very beneficial for the industry. It helps organizations stay relevant with change in time and advancing technology

Daragh O’Connor – Vice President PM, ALDAR Properties PJSC


Kasper is a powerful, cost-effective, and secure cloud-based procurement platform. We designed this solution to help companies manage vendors, control costs, and streamline purchasing processes. With Kasper you can negotiate with suppliers, track vendor performance, and collaborate within your procurement department to enhance your procurement cycle.
Kasper’s technology was designed to revolutionize the technological landscape of corporate purchasing. Companies of all sizes in a wide variety of industry verticals can manage their spend with ease and efficiency. We ensure our users can control their external and internal procurement processes and objectives.
The security of your data is important to us. We use SSL to encrypt your confidential data. That means all the information exchanged between you, your suppliers and Kasper is fully protected.
No. Each supplier can see only the information that pertains to its business with your organization. The sourcing events created on Kasper are kept confidential between you and individual supplier participating.
First, we use the latest technology, which enables us to develop a powerful cloud-based solution efficiently. Efficiency saves time and money. We extend our savings to our users. Second, we only invest to ensure every feature added is simple to use, we eliminate a bunch of useless bells & whistles usually found in complicated and expensive procurement softwares. We focus. You save.

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